Ordering kiosks

Equip your kiosks with an intuitive, 100% customizable and reliable solution.

Simplify the order taking thanks to the terminals.

Stand out, save time and offer a loyal customer experience.

Your kiosks, the first step in the purchase journey.


  • 100% customization
  • Simplified management of unavailability
  • Google & Apple Pay
  • All types of payment
  • On site or to take away
  • Timing of orders
  • Readiness Tracking Notification
  • Centralized control
  • Centralized multi-establishment management

Thought for your customers.

In front of the terminal, your customers must be autonomous, which is why our solution is designed to be ergonomic and intuitive. This is where the buying journey begins, you have to take care of the first impression!

For all types of terminals.

Whatever terminals you choose, our solution adapts and allows you to get the most out of them.

Easily manageable.

Our solution is configured quickly and directly. You manage your products and your unavailability in a few clicks to present an up-to-date menu.

Centralized control.

Manage all your sales channels on all your brands and brands centrally or in detail. Tracking activity has never been easier!

Nous sommes partenaires des meilleurs.

Équipez vos établissement de bornes et de notre solution grâce à nos partenaires. Nous avons négocier des conditions tarifaire exceptionnelle pour vous.
Au Comptoir De la Caisse

Au Comptoir De la Caisse

Au Comptoir de la Caisse est une entreprise basée à Limonest spécialisée dans la fourniture de caisses tactiles pour professionnels.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Les terminaux de points de vente AURES sont des systèmes à architecture PC, conçus pour gérer l’encaissement dans tous types de commerces, quelle que soit leur taille ou leur secteur d’activité.

A customer is good, a loyal customer is better.

+31% additional sales on your loyal customers by ordering online thanks to our integrated partners.

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A customer is good, a loyal customer is better.

Centralized control

Thanks to our all-in-one solution, you manage all your sales channels from the same platform. Saving time, productivity and profitability!

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Centralized control
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Name


+100 integrations to make your life easier.

Connect with +100 Food & Beverage and Hospitality: POS, PMS, integrators, payment, delivery, loyalty, marketing
  • Uber
  • Rushour
  • Hey Pongo
  • Swile
  • G Pay
  • L'additiion
  • Lydia