Ordering and payment at the table.

Modernize and simplify ordering. Save time, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

A new customer experience!​

Stand out, save time and offer a loyal customer experience.

Order WebApp in your image.

With common basket, scheduled delivery, simplified management of unavailability, promotions... And linked to your checkout for rapid deployment, without changing your habits.


  • Digital Menu QR Code
  • All types of payments
  • Google and Apple Pay
  • Service at the table or at the counter
  • Common basket
  • Grouped order
  • Bill sharing
  • Timing algorithm
  • Unavailability management

QR Code.

The customer scans the QR code of his table and accesses your menu online. He navigates on your menu, discovers your offers and your novelties and chooses his dishes.

Integrated payment.

The customer pays the bill on his smartphone, following the order or at the end of the meal. All payment methods are available: credit card, meal voucher cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Instant order.

The order is made directly online with the table number. Our module integrates with your cash register for automatic dispatch to the kitchen and/or bar.

Centralized control.

Manage all your sales channels on all your brands and brands centrally or in detail. Tracking activity has never been easier!

25% more rotation.

The autonomy given to your customers allows you to manage your services more quickly and with less staff. Your turnover rate and the quality of your service increase, your expenses decrease.

Eliminate pick-up time.

Your customers are no longer waiting to order, pay or split the bill. Everything happens from their phone and your web app. You can then focus your efforts on service.

Immediate effects on your business

+ 25 %


Accelerate your services by saving staff

+ 30 %

of average basket.

Your customers order more easily and more frequently.

+ 50 %

customer satisfaction

No more forgotten tables! Your customers are having a better time.

A customer is good, a loyal customer is better.

+31% additional sales on your loyal customers by ordering online thanks to our integrated partners.

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A customer is good, a loyal customer is better.

Centralized control

Thanks to our all-in-one solution, you manage all your sales channels from the same platform. Saving time, productivity and profitability!

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Centralized control
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+100 integrations to make your life easier.

Connect with +100 Food & Beverage and Hospitality: POS, PMS, integrators, payment, delivery, loyalty, marketing
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