Your deliveries, your rules, your data.

Take back control on your deliveries by deploying own delivery with DOOD Leverage your data to capitalize on your efforts.

Your online ordering webapp.

In addition to or in replacement of existing platforms, your ordering site is at your image and clearly identified by your customers. You can easily manage your product catalog, unavailability and manage the activity directly.

No more exorbitant commissions.

We do not take commissions on sales and we have negotiated for you exceptional pricing conditions with different delivery fleets like Uber Direct or Stuart.

Define your own criteria.

Minimum order amount, payment method, delivery price… You have control over all the criteria that you do not have with the large platforms.

No comission on orders

The DOOD subscription model allows you to focus on the essentials and offer the most attractive prices to your customers.

Launch delivery for a lasting impact on your business

  • Your E-Commerce site
  • Your delivery criteria
  • Simplified management of unavailability
  • Grouped orders, separate payments
  • Your own delivery fleet
  • Order timing algorithm
  • E-mail & SMS notifications

Your own delivery fleet thanks to our partners

We have partnered with the best to offer you a complete solution. Deliverers identified with your image, your rules (minimum order, cost of delivery, radius…), all means of payment accepted… Take back control

Uber Direct DOOD

Uber is now offering restaurant owners the opportunity to take advantage of its white-label delivery fleet with its Uber Direct offering. We are a partner and can offer you unique conditions on the market.


Vlove® Cyclo-logistique is a company specialized in Urban Logistics.
Thier mission ? Make made-to-measure ecological delivery accessible!

100+ integrations to make your life easier.

Our solution has a connection with over 100 solutions in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality : POS, PMS, integrators, payment, delivery, loyalty, marketing

A customer is good, a loyal customer is better.

+31% additional sales on your loyal customers ordering online… Take it a step further by integrating your loyalty program into your digital ordering process. Our solution is integrated with the best specialized partners in the Food and Beverage/Hospitality sector.

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