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Recent statistics and market data on online ordering

The boom of the click and collect solution in France appeared in 2015, driven by big brands. Since 2017, we have seen the appearance of this new sales channel among local merchants .

France has no less than 237,000 restaurant establishments, of which 110,000 offer a take-out offer . But still too few establishments have gone digital and still use artisanal and time-consuming ordering systems, the telephone in particular.

To satisfy a connected and demanding clientele, these establishments must adapt to new consumer behavior and engage in their digitalisation .

How does Click and Collect work?

As food purchasing habits are becoming more and more digital, merchants are offering sales channels that complement in-store purchases. Click and Collect allows you to buy online and collect products on site, in store, at a relay point . Payment is made online, the customer then chooses the day and time of withdrawal, simplifying his organization.

On the merchant side, orders are received directly on the internal management system. Online payment facilitates transactions, everything is integrated into its cash register system. This solution is increasingly common for restaurants and local shops. They then offer customers a shopping experience facilitated by digital, while maintaining physical contact in the store.

What are the advantages of Click and Collect for restaurants and merchants?

Click and collect is a sale solution that is more than suitable for food entrepreneurs . In recent years, the French have increasingly turned to delivery services for restaurants or take-out. Eating good meals at home, ordered directly on the internet, everything is simplified by Click and Collect . The pre-order makes it possible to limit the waiting time on site, but also to plan the time of withdrawal. If customers want to plan a lunch in 2 days, or want to order pizzas at home the day before, everything is streamlined thanks to the online store. In-store collection has the advantage of maintaining physical contact with the customer, who goes to the store to pick up his products.

In addition, having your online Click and Collect store allows you to grow yourbrand awareness and visibility in your catchment area . Buying online is achored in French habits, and when they look for you on the Internet, your online store allows them to discover your offers.

Your customers know you. The Click and Collect store is an additional way to stay in touch with your increasingly connected customers, who also want to take advantage of your products remotely. Selling online goes very well with selling in person.

Grâce à cette démarche, vous développez leur attrait envers votre établissement et vous favorisez ainsi la fidélisation client.

Finally, the advantage of integrating a Click and Collect solution directly into the management system of your restaurant or store is to be able to manage product stocks. The update is done automatically, simplifying overall in-store management.

Food retail and digital in France


of French people already use digital channels to make their purchases (all sectors combined) and this trend is all the more marked in catering


is the weight of click and collect in the catering sector in France, i.e. 5%


of online orders are related to catering between 2018 and 2019


of French people have already used take-out sales , 12% of them via a click and collect service like DOOD


of restaurateurs believe that the lack of customers is a brake on their development, many of them have not operated a digital transformation today.

Chiffres et données sur le click and collect en France

Data on click and collect in France


growth between 2018 and 2019 for click and collect, merchants are gradually transforming into e-merchants


of customers who withdraw an order say they have purchased other products once on site (this is called up-selling or cross-selling)


increase in the average basket online, around 15% for lunch and 25% for dinner

Delivery VS Takeaway


it is the takeaway market share, a big winner against delivery, which represents 43% of orders

And click and collect during lockdown ?


French people have already used online ordering (click & collect or delivery) during 2020 lockdown, and this trend is here to last.


of them think they will maintain their consumption habits after the pandemic. The usages will remain, and businesses that have taken advantage of the crisis to digitize will be advantaged.

Trends in online ordering market

5 years

acceleration on the issue of digitalization of local shops in 2020, and this in the space of 5 months. National lockdown is the main accelerator.


of consumers will shop online by 2025. Digital usages in a digital economy!

In 2020, what are the figures at DOOD?


this is the increase in the number of users on our platform in 2020, i.e. more than 280,000 active users!


this is the average ordering basket in the evening recorded on, versus €25 at lunchtime, i.e. a difference of +44%. In the evening consumers have more time and order for the family.


this is the average delivery basket recorded on versus €28 in click and collect, a difference of +28%.


orders placed for delivery are made in the evening.


orders placed in click and collect are made at noon.

Sources:, INSEE, Statista, NPDGroup,, Think with Google, FEVAD and Médiamétrie.

DOOD the digital partner of local merchants

DOOD supports you in your online sales strategy. Develop your business by offering your connected customers the opportunity to buy your products directly on the Internet. They come to the store at the desired pick-up time, you offer them an omnichannel experience.

Your business lives beyond the walls of your shop, you stay connected with your customers. On the internet and at home, the take-out sale is the essential complement to your business.

DOOD gives you the right tools to grow your business.

How to set up click and collect with DOOD?

Launch Click and Collect easily, thanks to our all-in-one platform. DOOD develops your online store, in the colors of your store, so that your customers can make purchases online. Give them the advantage of choice. When placing their order, they will choose the time and day for picking up their purchases, within the hours you have provided. They will only have to go to the store to pick up their order!

The advantage of an online store is the simplification of payment. Payment is made online, on the DOOD store, and is integrated directly into your cash register system. All payment solutions are authorized online: Bank card, dematerialized meal vouchers, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

The restaurant kitchens will be notified in advance for the preparation of the dishes. The restaurant owner chooses its in-store withdrawal slots and its production capacities, to streamline the flow of orders on site and to take away. The DOOD platform synchronizes with your internal management to guarantee sufficient stocks of your products.

Bénéficiez de notre solution de marketplace unique.

Vous ĂŞtes restaurateur ou commerçant avec plusieurs Ă©tablissements, un food court ou encore vous avez lancĂ© un nouveau concept de dark kitchen avec plusieurs marques virtuelles ? Vous avez besoin d’une solution digitale qui s’adapte pleinement Ă  votre type d’activitĂ©.

DOOD a développé la première solution de marketplace 100% personnalisable pour rassembler sur un même site propriétaire tous vos établissements et vos marques. Vous proposer alors à vos clients une expérience unique, sous votre identité de marque ; ils vivent votre expérience et plus celle des plateformes. Notre solution vous permet en plus de vous réapproprier la data de vos clients.

DĂ©couvrez la dĂ©finition complète d’une marketplace.

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