How Click and Collect is a key asset for a salad bar in Lyon

Chez Margotte is a salad bar located in a business district, close to the biggest train station in Lyon, France. He sells customed salads, ideal for the working clientele’s lunch break, that we can take on site or order in advance for takeaway. Salads can be ordered on its own online store since summer 2020.

Why choose Click and Collect in your restaurant ?

Initially, Sébastien was “not a fan at all of all these delivery and click and collect services. It takes a lot of time to manage in addition to the main activity. But then covid arrived, and we had no choice, since people could no longer come on site nor order. So I turned towards Click and Collect solutions, by studying the players on the market.“ He then analyzed the different solutions chosen by his colleagues in the restaurant industry.

“There is always an additional cost on delivery, the question is whether the customer agrees to pay for it.” Since the restaurant location is already central for office workers in the neighborhood, Sébastien was not convinced delivery would answer his customers’ needs. He also believed it would require a staff reorganization, since one team member is often monopolized to the click and collect distribution channel, in order to compile orders.

Moreover, he does not want to change his profitability model. In order to keep prices reasonable, restaurant owners bear part of the delivery costs, eating away at part of their margin. “I’m not a fan of lowering profitability. Even if these platforms increase oder volumes.” By asking his colleagues, he notices that their turnover was much higher than his but the profitability was not the same.

Finally, the ordering fees were a decisive criterion for not choosing large distribution platforms dominating the market. Sebastien choosed DOOD for its simple construction and reasonable cost, that allowed it to start ordering online as soon as the March 2020 lockdown ended.

How was click and collect implemented in your restaurant ?

“I thought it was going to be a replacement revenue. 100% of customers who use Click and Collect were customers who ordered before.” He was therefore able to retain his clientele thanks to his online store.

Today, the Click and Collect solution also saves time on site . On the storefront of the restaurant, there is a sliding window directly overlooking the street. Customers who already ordered their dishes just have to ring the window bell and Sébastien brings them their DOOD order. Prepared in advance, the order is ready to be taken away and enjoyed. This way, they avoid the 10 to 15 minutes queue on peak times. Customers are often reluctant to wait in the line, even regulars. Thanks to Click and Collect, customers in a hurry don’t wait for their personalized order!

What was the impact on your business?

For me, it really changed my organization ”. The possibility of ordering in advance allows Sébastien to streamline the flow of orders during peak hours. “If the DOOD orders come in the morning, it allows me to prepare before peak hours. If there are 30 salads ordered at 11:30 a.m., I can more easily manage the ordering flow. Instead of ordering at the last moment, I encourage my customers to make their lunch orders in the morning.”

By streamlining orders, the restaurateur can then optimize his workforce. The orders are more spread out so they can be prepared by less employees compared to the old rush hours.

What's next ?

“With the end of Covid restrictions, some customers stayed on DOOD and others like to see on site.” At DOOD, we believe that foodservice ordering habits are more and more digitized. Some customers and restaurateurs have moved on to selling online, and have included it in their model. Over the past two years, restaurateurs have seized the opportunities created by changes in consumer habits and internal organization, in order to continue to grow their business. DOOD’s mission is to support food business owners wishing to develop their turnover through digital .

Build a privileged relationship with your customers online, launch your own Click and Collect!

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