DOOD launches click and collect
for 6 shops in the Halles de Lyon

Some catering shops are launching online ordering to offer a new service to their customers!

In December 2020, 5 caterers and grocers from Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse joined their colleague, Le Pain du Gone, on our platform.

Gast, l’Îlot des Gourmets, Muzette, Chez Mr Van Cappel, Julie and Caroline from Maison Malartre … So many big names in Lyon gastronomy who are launching click and collect !

It is a great joy for the whole DOOD team to evolve around great professionals and fervent defenders of the authenticity of Lyon gastronomy !

👌 We are very proud to support these passionate entrepreneurs


Gast has been a famous brand in the Lyon region for more than 60 years already! Artisans butchers and caterers, they advocate authentic French savoir-faire.

L'îlot des gourmets

Located in the heart of Les Halles, this caterer offers you to discover lunch formulas, meal trays and Lyon specialties.


Muzette is a grocery store-restaurant offering only products from French craftsmanship. They are known for their truffle products!

Chez monsieur Paul Van Cappel

This caterer from Les Halles makes artisanal specialties around foie gras. You will find exceptional products on its online store!

Le pain du Gone

This young and ambitious company has won the hearts of aficionados of bread well made according to the rules of the art. The Saint-Roch, their signature bread, has become a reference for many!

Julie and Caroline - Maison Malartre

It is a delicatessen specializing in the traditional production of dumplings and preserves since 1947. They have a shop in Les Halles and you can also order online now!

Interested in online ordering for your store?


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