The definition of a marketplace

In recent years, and even more so since the health crisis, online sales increased globally. To meet consumer expectations and increase merchants’ turnover, marketplaces have emerged and are very successful. DOOD then invites you to discover what a marketplace is, and how the DOOD offer adapts it to the Food Service sector.

What is a Marketplace?

Marketplaces have taken an important place in the world of commerce in recent years, and even more so after the confinements. Let’s find out what these marketplaces really are, and how they work.

Marketplace: definition

A marketplace, also known as a marketplace, is an e-commerce site that connects sellers and buyers. This multi-seller platform then receives the visit of a large number of Internet users, who can buy a multitude of products or services online. The marketplace represents an interesting channel for sellers, who can address a large number of potential buyers, professionals and individuals.

The best-known generalist marketplaces are platforms such as Ebay, Amazon or Cdiscount, but more and more professionals are offering marketplaces specific to a sector of activity , as is the case with catering.

In order to gain independence, brands and brands create their own marketplace for their different establishments. This is the case for the sports giant Decathlon, or even retaurant brands like Vapiano. They are then the owner of all the online sales shops of their group.

How a marketplace works

Long reserved for BtoB (sales between professionals), the marketplace is becoming more democratic and is now also aimed at individuals. Every year, millions of transactions take place on these massive online shopping malls . It is indeed a powerful acquisition channel, as easy as it is fast.

The platform allows professionals and individuals to take advantage of an online distribution channel , as well as all the traffic it generates, to sell their services and products. The multitude of sellers present on the platform makes it possible to attract many visitors, and therefore to generate a maximum of sales.

Such a device is generally remunerated by taking a commission on each sale made via the platform. However, having its own marketplace for its multiple establishments makes it possible to do without this sales commission model and to take charge of all of its customers’ online purchasing journeys.

The catering marketplace

For several years now, restaurateurs and catering merchants have found the marketplace to be a practical and simple tool to increase their clientele.

The principle of the marketplace in catering

With new technologies, consumption patterns have evolved, and many are now turning to Click & Collect to order their take-out meal online. All you have to do is go to the platform or the application to discover the restaurants nearby, consult the menu, and order.

It is then possible to place an order and pay for it from your smartphone, tablet or computer, then pick it up in the restaurant. And to make life even easier for consumers, the marketplace also offers online ordering and home delivery, so you can enjoy the menus of your favorite restaurant without leaving your home.

A solution with multiple advantages

Food entrepreneurs and consumers see many advantages in setting up a marketplace:

• The restaurant or catering trade is free to manage the products offered for sale and the price applied;

• The application attracts new customers, who can now search for a restaurant based on a specific product, service or dish;

• The restaurant gains visibility and diversifies its sources of income;

The marketplace dedicated to restaurants offers functionalities facilitating the management of orders, payments, deliveries, etc.;

• The platform builds customer loyalty by creating a privileged and personalized relationship…

Marketplace by DOOD

DOOD digitizes local shops and restaurants by offering digital tools to sell online . The DOOD offer includes a marketplace solution which then allows you to create a platform that is perfectly optimized for your activity.

A solution for all businesses

The DOOD marketplace is aimed not only at so-called “classic” restaurants, which have an establishment and wish to develop Click & Collect, but also at all trades related to the catering sector.

Franchises and networks : the marketplace provides easy access to all offers, thanks to centralized management of points of sale;

Dark kitchens : the marketplace increases online visibility, but also manages and organizes online sales and builds customer loyalty;

Food courts : the marketplace is a digital solution that makes it easier to take orders online and manage a multi-corner;

Food halls : the marketplace solution offers customers an omnichannel shopping experience to do their shopping online at all the merchants present in the same hall.

A tailor-made marketplace

The DOOD marketplace is fully customizable and connects to many third-party services (CRM, POS, ERP, etc.). You can thus imagine a platform in your image, where the customer experience will be unique. The purchasing process can then be optimized for multi-site and multi-brand navigation , while meeting your needs and those of your customers.

The turnkey marketplace facilitates management, and allows you to select the options that interest you, such as distribution methods, geolocation, or the common basket with single payment.

Centralized management of your online business

The DOOD marketplace allows you to centralize the different sales channels and the different offers, to offer an omnichannel journey to customers. You have the choice between central management and local management, and have access to a dashboard that allows you to optimize your decisions, thanks to the display of statistics by order, by product, or by profile.

As a restaurant or merchant, you have the freedom to increase your sales and choose the price of each product, without having to pay a percentage for the platform.

A white label marketplace

With DOOD, the restaurateur uses the marketplace without having to mention the publisher’s brand. Indeed, DOOD makes its technology available, which represents an asset in the very competitive restaurant sector, where competitiveness is essential. The professional saves time by taking advantage of the technical skills of the editor, and can thus concentrate on the heart of his trade.

Are you looking for a way to diversify your income and increase your customer base? The DOOD marketplace offer opens the doors to online sales with simplicity and efficiency.

Create your marketplace with DOOD.

Take back your independence on online sales!

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