Local SEO: A Necessity for Today's Merchants

Consumer habits related to the use of smartphones and online research are forcing restaurants and convenience stores to refine their online presence through local SEO. This technique is a branch of SEO allowing your store to appear in Google results following local or geolocated queries.

Local referencing has become the marketing lever par excellence for local businesses in order to remain visible, attract consumers and stay ahead of the competition. Local SEO practices are always evolving.

What is Local SEO?

Local referencing, as it is part of SEO (the free optimization of its presence in search results), is used to optimize the natural visibility of your business, but taking into account geolocation. This technique is a very powerful marketing lever for local businesses to stay in the line of sight of consumers when they are looking for information on a product. Your goal is for them to consider you among the choices available to them.

When they perform a search on search engines with a place or a city name, your site or your merchant file must appear in the SERPs (the search engine results pages, in particular Google). Queries can be more or less specific, with just a city name or with other additional information such as opening hours.

It should be considered that 95% of searches are done on Google and among them, 70% are local, that is to say that Internet users search for “butcher shop Angers” to discover the butcher shops around them, and not your name. ‘establishment.

What is the interest of local referencing for merchants?

The advantage of this strategy for local businesses is to make your business, your store, your restaurant, your convenience store known to new customers, to be visible when they do a search on the internet. To bring them to the store or to your website which offers online sales. Local SEO has a double impact on your business: more visits directly to your physical point of sale, but also to your website. So many sales opportunities.

Local referencing concerns all local businesses; from the traditional restaurant to the new dark kitchen concept , each establishment benefits from this marketing lever.

Many Internet users quickly carry out a search on search engines to find a grocery store nearby, which opens on Sundays, which offers specific offers, etc.

This marketing strategy is a real lever to consider to improve its visibility, boost its activity and increase its turnover. DOOD accompanies all merchants, craftsmen, food retail entrepreneurs and CHR and helps them deploy all digital strategies to accelerate their business and position themselves ahead of competitors.

Unlike general SEO, local SEO is about more than technical optimization, fresh content generation, and site popularity. Above all, it involves your presence on all local queries such as the yellow pages, Google Maps and GPS. Fortunately, you can use the tool offered by DOOD to centralize the management of these different channels and be in the top positions.

How to improve your local SEO with the Google My Business profile ?

Google is the main search engine, as more than 90% of queries are made there. To attract more online and offline traffic for your store, business or restaurant, you must optimize your positions on Google. Google My Business is one of the tools developed by Google that allows you to be visible on the results pages and on Google Maps at the same time.

Your Google My Business profile lets you share all the common information people need to choose the right merchant for them. You must present the name of your business, your address, your hours and your telephone number. It is also advisable to include a redirect link to your website or e-commerce site.

Google My Business works like social networks. You can interact with users, as users can leave reviews, comments and photos and can also ask questions to the community.

Local SEO via Google My Business brings you many advantages:

  • You increase your visibility on Google
  • You highlight your customer reviews
  • You add a new interaction channel with Internet users

Your listing may appear following various queries such as a local search for a type of business, a search for a product or service, a search for opening times, etc. In order to make your store or restaurant appear as frequently as possible in queries, there are a few criteria to study.

  • The occupancy rate of your site must be effective to provide the maximum information to customers.
  • The keywords must be relevant, including your main activity, the specificity of your service and your location. Example: Vegan restaurant in Lille
  • The gallery should be updated regularly with recent photos.
  • Google favors businesses with detailed ratings and reviews. Encourage happy users to leave reviews.
  • Thanks to the Posts feature, you can put one-time information such as a promotion or a new product on this section.

DOOD in partnership with Partoo for your local SEO

DOOD continues to innovate and develop its partnerships to offer the most complete solution to local merchants. We are in collaboration with Partoo (European leader in supporting the e-reputation of all businesses) to allow you to optimally manage your local SEO strategy.

Partoo is the ideal solution for local merchants and restaurateurs to control your image, improve your visibility and attract more customers. Our strategy is based on the massive and automatic dissemination of information about your establishment on all web networks and platforms: search engines, Google Maps, Google My Business, social networks, directories, GPS and review sites. .

There are many benefits you can derive from it:

  • Massively spread information about your establishment all over the web.
  • Update this information regularly, a guarantee of professionalism in the eyes of customers.
  • Manage your information from a single interface via the Partoo application.
  • Follow in real time the updates made.
  • Measure the impact of mass broadcasts such as the number of views, the number of actions or your ROI.
  • Obtain regular reports on reviews left by customers and analyze them to adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Engage with your customers by answering reviews and managing negative returns.

DOOD has partnered with Partoo to help food entrepreneurs and local merchants to have more visibility and notoriety with their target. The two partners are implementing an e-commerce and marketing solution designed to increase the sales force of local merchants tenfold through online presence, interaction with customers and a powerful monitoring tool.

DOOD helps you improve your local SEO.

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