Digital and restaurant : the winning combination

Currently, there are many levers to advance your business in the restaurant and food industry. Competition is fierce with delivery platforms aligning with changing market needs. Consumers preferring to order online and have it delivered rather than travel. The situation is not about to change, on the contrary, this mode of consumption is accentuated with the crisis linked to Covid-19. So that restaurateurs can keep up with the competition and update their operating methods, they can deploy the solution offered by DOOD: a customizable e-commerce site with marketing tools for restaurants and food businesses .

What is digitization?

Digitization is much more than obvious at the present time when consumers are increasingly opting for online purchases. If at the beginning the catering industry was less involved in this transformation of the market, this is no longer the case today. Consumers order online and have it delivered at any time to their home or office. This makes life easier for them to save time by avoiding travel.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, home meal delivery platforms have multiplied with great success. Restaurants, after their reopening, are struggling to win back customers in the face of changing consumer lifestyles. Fortunately, there is a solution to continue to maintain a significant market share.

The solution offered by DOOD is designed primarily for food retail entrepreneurs. You can deploy your own e-commerce site in 24 hours directly in white label. It is an all-in-one solution with all the marketing tools that will allow you to optimize your site and increase your turnover.

On the one hand, you can set up many parameters to analyze the behavior of Internet users and adjust the UX/UI design of your site accordingly. On the other side, you can collect data from Internet users, visitors and customers, to turn it into customer data that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

What are the impacts of digitalization on catering?

Digitalization allows restaurants to adapt their marketing strategies to customers’ consumption habits. These consumption habits have gradually changed with the Internet. The Covid-19 pandemic has only reinforced this mode of consumption. If retailers and restaurants want to attract and retain more customers, they need to align with their buying patterns. 

Digitalization brings many benefits to restaurants  : 

  • Keep loyal customers and attract new ones
  • Increase restaurant traffic
  • Obtain customer data for free,
  • Increase turnover. 

All this, by offering your customers the possibility of ordering and paying online  ; and have it delivered to the address they want. Several solutions can be deployed to do this  : 

A delivery service : delivery platforms take big commissions. Fortunately, you can opt for the delivery services offered by DOOD with a price that defies all competition because no commission is charged.

The click and collect  : you give your customers the opportunity to order their dishes online and then they come and pick them up on site at the time they have previously chosen. 

The QR code : you can continue to receive customers in your restaurant by minimizing queues and sources of contact. They can consult the digital menu and place an order via their smartphone or tablet using the QR code available to them on the table, at the entrance or at the counter. 

Successful digitalization allows restaurants to increase sales in two different ways. On the one hand, you are responding to current consumption patterns by pushing online orders. On the other side, you can improve your restaurant’s local SEO and increase footfall. 

Thanks to good management of your Google My Business profile , your restaurant has the chance to appear in the first pages of searches made by Internet users looking for a restaurant nearby. Your restaurant will show up in local searches and customer review searches, a practice that has become common among consumers.

How to digitize your restaurant?

To digitize your restaurant, you must create an e-commerce site. You have the choice between using a service provider such as a web agency or a freelance developer and creating your site yourself. This second solution is both effective and economical. Thanks to a solution like DOOD, you can set up your own site yourself.

You have at your disposal a site that you can personalize in the image of your brand and according to your graphic charter. You manage your e-commerce site yourself and naturally become the owner of your client date. It is a colossal resource in the world of e-commerce to target your marketing campaigns by Push or emailing.

You also have many marketing tools allowing you to reference your site, and to appear in the best results of the SERP, on Google Maps or in customer reviews. Indeed, DOOD provides you with many marketing levers to allow you to design the right offer and offer it to targeted customers.

We help you study the various market issues: define your target customers, identify their problems and provide the ideal solution at the right time for a sale to materialize.

Having an e-commerce site also allows you to efficiently manage order flows, payments, deliveries, available stocks and the updating of your offers. As you take care of the creation of your site and the management of your marketing campaigns from A to Z, you optimize the costs of your digitalization. You then have the possibility of preserving a good margin in the prices you offer.

As for payment methods, several features are available to you. You have the option of setting up several payment methods, applying differentiated VAT or integrating cash register software to automate your accounting. All this is done simply from a single platform that is as complete and efficient as possible.

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