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To allow Internet users to quickly find an establishment on its search engine, Google has set up “Google My Business”. This feature allows you to create your business profile for free, and thus to be referenced on the most used search engine in the world. So, to make sure you get the most out of this free SEO service, check out how to create a google my business profile.

What is Google My Business?

All Internet users use Google My Business daily, sometimes even without knowing it. Like an old-generation directory, GMB lists all the establishments in activity, and offers visitors all the information they may need: opening hours, location, telephone number, etc. When an Internet user does a search, the The most relevant Google My Business profiles then appear at the top right of the Google results page.

What is the benefit of creating a Google My Business profile ?

The Internet has become essential in the daily life of consumers, and allows them to have a quick answer to all their questions. It is therefore essential for a company to ensure online presence, for several reasons.

Increase the visibility of your establishment

The creation of a Google My Business profile allows an establishment to benefit from local referencing , thanks to Google Maps. Thus, when an Internet user types “restaurant + city” into Google, the local search will display the restaurants closest to the city indicated. An establishment that does not have a GMB file will obviously not be part of these results, and will lose visibility.

Ensuring competitiveness

Catering is a very competitive sector, where you have to know how to stand out. The GMB profile can be a smart strategy to build a positive and attractive brand image . Thus, Internet users will have access to important information, which will directly influence their final decision: the menu, the opinions of other customers, photos of the dishes or the room, the possibility of having an order delivered or picking up an order on site. …

The advantage of the GMB profile in a few figures

To fully understand the importance of creating the Google My Business profile, let’s detail some figures:

  • 95% of searches are done on Google;
  • 75% of results are local (based on Google Maps)
  • 70% of Internet users do a global search (eg restaurant Angers);
  • A GMB listing generates between 10,000 and 150,000 views per month, while the same establishment’s website generates between 500 and 1,000 visits.

Far from replacing the website, the GMB profile should be seen as a showcase to increase the visibility of the establishment, and as a springboard to the website.

What's on a Google My Business profile ?

The undeniable advantage of Google My Business is to be able to bring together all the main information of an establishment to both convince the consumer and provide him with all the solutions to reach him or go there. Thus, you will be able to find on a GMB establishment profile :

  • Pictures ;
  • The menus and/or the menu;
  • Services ;
  • Contact details (telephone, address, email);
  • Opening hours ;
  • peaks in attendance;
  • customer reviews;
  • The link to the website;
  • Link to social media…

This sheet is a real complement to your showcase site or merchant site that must be used.

How do I create a Google My Business profile ?

Although you own your business, someone else may have created a Google My Business profile for your restaurant. You must therefore first check if a GMB profile is already present on Google . All you have to do is type the name of your establishment in the Google search bar. Then, two options are possible.

Your business already has a Google My Business profile

If you find a listing for your restaurant , first make sure that you are the owner. Then log in to your Google account and check the business listing: if it says “claim this business” or “you own this business?” then you are not officially the owner of the GMB listing.
In this case, you will have to claim ownership by clicking on the link provided. You will then receive by mail a validation code to enter in your Google My Business account.
If you are the owner of the Google My Business profile, no action is required, you then have free access to the listing, and can modify it at your convenience.

Your establishment does not yet have a GMB profile

The creation of your Google My Business profile is done from the tool’s website. After logging in to your Gmail account (or after creating your account), you will need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to Google My Business
  2. Click on “Add your business to Google”;
  3. Fill in the fields indicating the name of the establishment and the category of activity;
  4. Add the address of your establishment;
  5. Enter your restaurant’s phone number and website;
  6. Validate your file;
  7. Fill in all the options offered by Google (opening hours, messaging, services, description, photos of the menu and dishes, etc.).

Your Google My Business profile is now created, you will have to wait to receive the claim code of the listing to definitively validate its creation.

I have created my business profile. And after ?

To take full advantage of the potential of Google My Business, it is important to work on optimizing your business profile . You will then have to use all the options available to optimize your Google My Business profile , so that it is recognized by the Google algorithm, and therefore well referenced. The interest is also to offer a maximum of information and interactions with visitors and customers, in order to improve the brand image of your establishment.
To do this, you can write an SEO-optimized description, detail the services offered, add photos, modify the categories, or even interact with Internet users by responding to reviews.

DOOD is now a partner of Partoo , which is itself a partner of Google My Business. Partoo is the leader in online visibility support. With DOOD, they are working to make their retail and restaurant customers visible online. So many advantages that will allow your GMB profile to improve its positioning in Google’s SERP, and attract new customers.

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