A restaurant owner from Lille chose click and collect, his opinion

Loïc and Davonn facing national lockdown digitize their restaurant

Loïc and Davonn run two restaurants in Lille. Davonn is passionate about cooking, she reinterprets traditional Thai and Laotian specialties, offering healthy and homemade dishes. Her cuisine first became known through culinary workshops and pop-up corners in the metropolis. The first restaurant opened its doors in Marquette-Lez-Lille in 2017.

March 2020, drastic change for merchants

In March, faced with generalized lockdown in France, they had to find a new solution for their businesses. They found themselves faced with a problem touching all local merchants : How to engage with customers directly from their homes, when there is no one left in the streets? That’s when they chose to go for click & collect .

Click & collect to attract new customers

Davonn’s flagship products are already intended to be sold to take away, to the delight of the inhabitants of Marquette-Lez-Lille and Croix. Setting up an online store ensured immediate success for the restaurant. The Davonn brand enjoys a strong bran awareness among its customers connected on social media. The craze for online ordering is therefore already strong with this clientele, whether they are regulars or new gourmets.

Click & collect to generate additional sales

The personalized store makes it possible to propose new commercial offers, to add new formulas or to propose promotional codes. Davonn has a wide selection of products in store that allows orders to be completed with additional sales. Strategic levers for merchants, these are also a loyalty lever for satisfied customers.

Keeping the spirit of Davonn throughout the sales channel

Loïc is marketing director of the two restaurants, and has developed a whole visual universe for the Davonn brand. The quality of the photos, the colors of the dishes and the staging of the restaurants testify to a worked and careful marketing. It is therefore important for Loïc to keep the spirit of the brand when consumers place an order, whether in stores or on the digital platform. The shop is then personalized with the colors and typography of the restaurant, which standardizes the purchasing process for the user , and facilitates order taking.

Simple deployment in 24 hours

When asked about the benefits of click & collect, Loïc immediately replies that it saves time . Requests are made on the platform, not by phone. The time initially spent with incoming calls is now spent preparing orders. In addition, the platform’s algorithm allows you to choose your order withdrawal window, whether as soon as possible or in a few days. This simplifies purchase for consumers, but more importantly, it makes preparation easier for the restaurateur . Thanks to its unique features, the platform makes it possible to better manage the “rush”, which is then spread over several slots. The DOOD platform then makes life easier for both restaurateurs and their customers.

What added value for Davonn?

The implementation of click & collect was an immediate success, with an increase in the number of orders, this means of acquisition very quickly represented 30% of the activity. This success has increased Davonn’s notoriety on social networks, but also in the neighborhoods where its restaurants are located. New customers have thus discovered the restaurant, thanks to digital technology. The animation of social networks and the possibility of ordering online have enabled loyal customers, and new gourmets fond of Thai cuisine, to find what they are looking for.

Maintain human contact

The restaurant is one of the main places where we like to meet together, a mark of conviviality. We go there to share good times with others and/or discover new dishes cooked by specialists. Loïc has developed a strong brand strategy for his establishments, offering curious people the opportunity to discover a new culinary universe. As entrepreneurs, they have been strongly impacted by the loss of contact with their customers. Going to the store helps maintain the human contact that the couple of restaurateurs cherish, driven by the click and collect solution.

Digital at the service of franchises

The deployment of the platform was done on the two restaurants, each restaurant having its Facebook page and its online store. The service is shared, the menu is personalized and the orders are located in each restaurant. The management of a multi-site structure is then optimized thanks to a single digital platform.

Selling online is not just a trend

For several years now, e-commerce has taken more and more place in consumer buying habits. The extraordinary situation of 2020, following health regulations, has only imposed a trend already present. The digitization of French purchases has taken a big boost, to the point of making click and collect common in uses . If it was different to have an online store in 2015, it is now essential to sell online to reach this target of connected people.

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