How to optimize your Google My Business profile ?

The Google My Business profile, is an excellent digital tool for increasing the visibility of a restaurant and improving the customer experience. However, with the multitude of profiles and establishments present on the Internet, filling in a few pieces of information is no longer enough. After creating your Google My Business profile , find out how to optimize your Google profile in 6 steps.

1. Indicate the opening hours

A restaurant’s opening hours are probably one of the first pieces of information a visitor looks for on the web. It is therefore important to correctly fill in the opening hours of your establishment, and to keep them updated very regularly. Indeed, several situations can push you to have different schedules.

• Exceptional times : Google systematically registers certain days as exceptional. This is the case for public holidays in particular, or special dates such as December 24 and 31. Informing about exceptional opening hours helps Internet users to anticipate their plans, and this avoids having an orange note “These hours are likely to vary”, inserted automatically when the hours are not recorded for this date;

• Additional hours : this part of the Google My Business profile allows you to adapt the opening hours to specific periods. This is the case, for example, during holidays, where the time amplitude can be greater;

• Temporary closures : to avoid unpleasant surprises from customers arriving in front of a closed restaurant, the times and days of temporary closure are essential. Google recommends classifying the business as temporarily closed if the business is closed for 7 or more consecutive days.

2. Update GMB listing information regularly

It is important to know that all Internet users have the possibility of suggesting a modification of the Google My Business profile of your establishment. In this case, you will be notified, and will be able to accept, or not, the modifications. If you do not show up, Google can validate them automatically. Be careful then, to update your information regularly, for two reasons:

• To demonstrate seriousness to the customer, who does not have to modify the information himself;

• To avoid incorrect information , especially if it is the telephone number, the address, or any other data that could compromise a customer’s visit to your restaurant.

A well-filled and complete GMB file immediately establishes a bond of trust, essential for finding new customers and building customer loyalty .

3. Submit recent photos regularly

While your business logo on your Google business listing should be clearly identifiable and never change, other photos should be updated as often as possible. Indeed, several studies prove it, the more visuals a restaurant offers, the higher the number of clicks and calls.

Photos of a restaurant are to be thought of as a visual business card, which should inform customers, but also make them want to come. Like a digital showcase , the photos on the Google My Business page allow you to visualize the places, the atmosphere, but also the cuisine offered. A regular update shows the seriousness of the catering professionals, and testifies to the dynamism of the establishment.

4. Respond to reviews and messages from Internet users

Many Internet users looking for information do not hesitate to ask questions directly on the Google My Business listings of establishments, or to consult the reviews. To perfect the customer experience and build the trust necessary for loyalty, it is important to respond to each message and opinion in a personalized way.

  • Google reviews : each Internet user has the opportunity to give a personal opinion on the establishment they have experienced. And if it is often said that opinions should not be trusted, know that nearly 3 out of 4 Internet users refer to them to choose their restaurant. Better, they are just as likely to prefer an establishment that responds to reviews actively and regularly. Whether the opinion is positive or negative, take the time to respond to it in a personalized way;
  • Google’s Business Messages : this Google feature, which is activated by authorizing chat, allows Internet users to contact you in real time on a dedicated chat page. Contact is then simplified and the tool replaces phone calls or emails, a definite asset for all those accustomed to social networks and online communications.

5. Use Google Posts to communicate

The Google Post is a way to offer hot content to Internet users, whether in video, photo, or text format. It is therefore the ideal functionality to communicate on exceptional offers , events or even a change of menu.

Although they are little used by companies, Google Posts are nevertheless a way to stand out from the competition, and provide customers with very recent ad hoc information.

Like a story on Instagram or Facebook, the Google Post has a limited broadcast time and is consumed very quickly. The post must therefore be short, get to the point and have a button encouraging action (“book now”, “find out more”…).

6. Select the right attributes

An excellent way to improve the natural referencing of your Google My Business listing , the attribute represents the services offered by your establishment. From click and collect to meal on site, including delivery, these attributes vary depending on the point of sale and the main category selected when creating the Google My Business profile .

If the Google My Business attributes allow to give more information to visitors, and to help the search engine to target the results more precisely, they are also an excellent way to be noticed by the Google algorithm, and thus to be well positioned in the results pages thanks to local SEO (natural referencing).

DOOD works, in partnership with Partoo, to increase the online visibility of restaurant and retail customers. You then benefit from an optimized Google My Business listing, as well as many tips for improving your online visibility and attracting new customers.

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